Luxury truck? Why not!

Luxury truck? Why not!

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In 1948, suddenly one of the most recognizable vehicles appeard on planet Earth. Maybe there isn’t a person in the world serious about off-roading and vehicle based adventuring that hasn’t dreamed of a Defender in their garage.

But these vehicles were heavily used in tough conditions, so finding a Defender in even halfway decent shape has become almost impossible.

This is why lot of custom classic Defender projects start with a piece of automotive history. These vehicles are rescued and salvaged and are worked over from top to bottom to bring them back to better than brand new condition.

After rebuilding these custom Defenders, all new suspension systems and wheels are added, and, what is more important, new drivetrains and engines are added too (with Corvette engines available as an option for even more power and speed), allowing these vehicles to push through any obstacle – while enjoying better fuel efficiency and economy.

On top of that, all new luxury appointments fill the cabin and interior. Well upholstered seating, a beautifully redesigned dash that doesn’t loose the charm of the original, and a whole range of navigation, entertainment, and climate control improvements are made, too.

The end result is a brand new vehicle with all of the Defender DNA, a modern marvel of engineering that honors the heritage and history of this icon.

A good example is the E.C.D. Automotive Design’ Project Mule. The company has worked on many unique projects in the past and is here with another vehicle based on the Defender 130 pickup truck.

 It is powered by a Chevrolet 6.2L V8 engine with six or eight speed automatic transmission.

Model highlights include four Recaro seat leather upholstery, air suspension, and Borla stainless steel exhaust.

The engine pumps out 430hp and 425 pound-feet of torque, so the truck needs some 6 seconds to reach the speed of 60 mph.

It rides on 18-inch Sawtooth wheels, and the Project Mule also features several custom options, such as a six-point roll cage or teakwood used on the bed of the truck.

Coming to the cockpit, the Project Mule features a wooden steering wheel along with Nostalgia VT gauges behind it.

The gauges are surrounded by vintage oak leather. The center console is also customized and comes wrapped in the same vintage oak leather, but with sheepskin on the lid.

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