A future classic

Why do we love the new Defender?

Even though we are fans of the classic Defender, here come a few subjective statements on why we love the new Defender, apart from the fact that it won the SUV of the year 2021 title from MotorTrend.

This car, made largely out of aluminum is no doubt of the sensations of 2020. The Land Roer Defender 110 First Edition is reminiscent of the classic model but compared that it’s like The Hulk vs. Bruce Banner: the change is more than a switch of colors and putting on muscle.

A the new one is a full-size offroader, seats are nicely sized, lots of head space so you can easily fit in regardless of your height (or the size of your hat). But being Defender and still being designed by the British Gerry McGovern, just like the Land Rover Freelander, the present Range Rover Evoque and the Range Rover Sport, the ingenious design is not threatening at all, on the contrary it has a sort of friendliness to it.

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