Blackout, Stingray, Huntsman – these are Defenders as well

It’s well known that the Defender is not just the world’s most versatile SUV, but also a great specimen for customization. Its chassis has stood the test of time for decades and has not ceased to be a trigger for the car customizers’ fantasies. Some changed the 110 into a globe trotting caravan, others modded it with ultra low UHP tires and light alloy wheels.


One of the custom models of East Coast Defender Florida, the Blackout started out in 1987 just like any Defender 90. Then, it’s recently been reborn as an all black monster.


The East Coast Defender team got a little crazy and put a 5.3-liter 326-hp Chevy LC9 V8 engine in the car along with six-speed automatic transmission. This is an eye magnet in itself but the process has not stopped here. In the interior, the leather carpet and a Kenwood sound systems call your attention and make the ride more enjoyable. A heated leather seats will leave you comfortable and happy regardless of how long the trip is.

Corvette Stingray

The company scored an even bigger home run with the next model which was equipped with an elegant MOMO Indy stearing wheel stealing the attention. Although the exterior of the car is not that much different from the other white top-green body Land Rover Defender 110s, the team put in a six-speed automatic transmission connected to a 6.2 liter Corvette Stingray LS3 V8 outputting 430hp. The top got a G4 Expedition roof rack with ladder along with a full-width forward-facing LED light bar and a rear LED work light.


Uniquely designed leather seats have been installed, but you still have the winch installed to the nose, making the car ready to go wild on terrain, what can go wrong?

British Kahn Design is well known for never being satisfied with original designs. No matter what model we’re talking about, they will polish it until it gets a wild outlook the factory designer have not even dreamed of. Take the two Huntsman models born as Land Rover Defenders. The short version is your go to commuter car but the six wheel type challenges the Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet (the landlaulet is the bodywork boasting a retractable soft top). The car stupefies you with its name for starters: Land Rover Defender 110 Flying Huntsman 6×6 Pickup.

No doubt we are talking about a prestige model. „We can do here on the island what the Germans are capable of” – the British must have been thinking when they created this 430 hp 6.2 liter V8 weirdo of a car.

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