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Classic Landrover USA

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We are genuine enthusiasts of the classic Land Rover Defender, who treat their work as a hobby – putting their heart and dedicating all their time to rescuing these classic cars and owning a part of history.

From the 1950s, it was the Land Rover that helped African safaris, and explorers from Australia and New Zealand to South America, across some of the most remote and spectacular landscape in the world.

Rediscovering these timeless treasures is our passion and every single piece is a multiplier to any adventure you might embark on.


We’ve created this website to show to as many prospects as possible why we love this completely unique and stylish car, the Land Rover Defender. So we present the most interesting models from the beginning until today.

We are not only fans, but collectors and conservators-restorers as well. We focus on the real classics: Defenders made before 1995 and carefully restore them to our liking.

The old Defender can trace its roots back to the original Land Rover that was unveiled at the Amsterdam Motor Show in 1948. This was developed into the Land Rover Series I, which immediately found immense sales success thanks to its unequalled versatility.

For us, these cars are more than vehicles, they are the living memories of the farmers for whom they were the most important tool, and mementos of expeditions that had not been successful without the Green Oval.

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The classic for all ages

The defender

The Defender is to the countryside what the black cab is to London. The Queen has one, Sir Winston Churchill had one and Sir David Attenborough uses one for his adventures.

Land Rover was designed to rove the land, regardless of conditions. And to this day the Land Rover Defender does just that. The original was built in 1948, made of aluminium and inspired by the World War 2 Jeep with the additional of Rover mechanics.

Until 1990, the descendants of the original Land Rover were simply referred to by their series number and the length of their wheelbase in inches. But the debut of the Discovery in 1989 caused some confusion as it too was badged as a Land Rover. And so, in 1990, the original Land Rover was given a name in its own right: Defender.